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Brush Class 92

      The 46 members of the Brush built UK class 92 came into service in the late 1990s but have never really been used to their full potential or as they were designed. When originally conceived in the 1980s the loco was designed to be able to operate freight and overnight trains directly from Scotland via the channel tunnel to France. In order to achieve this the locos needed to be able to take power from the UK overhead supplies, UK 3rd rail and the French overhead supplies while also meeting the stringent safety and signalling requirements of the tunnel. This resulted in an extremely complex loco that has taken years to settle in to reliable service.

The 92 is basically constructed as two seperate locos to allow the loco to recover a heavy train from the tunnel unaided even after a catastrophic failure. They are rated at a continuous 6760hp when running on overhead or 5360hp when on 3rd rail DC supply.

The class were all delivered originally in 2 tone grey livery with a blue roof section with various branding logos for the 3 operators BR, EPS and SNCF.

For details of the extensive range of features incorporated in the class 92 model and for more images go to the features page.

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Due to the number of features and the complexity of the prototype loco ElDavos has created an instructions page to assist you in getting the best from the model. The instruction page can be found here.

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Prices and purchasing

Each pack models the locos at a particular point in time with an appropriate mesh and livery. The models are sold as either a complete pack or as a livery upgrade pack. Once you have purchased one of the complete model packs you can extend your collection of 92s by buying livery upgrade packs at a cheaper price even though the upgrade packs contain additional model components.

Full packs are offered for sale at £10 while livery upgrades packs are £1.50. Purchases can be made online using credit/debit cards or PayPal, and for those who prefer, payment may be made by personal cheque via snail mail. Normal delivery will be by web download and e-mail but a CD option is offered as well. Click here for more details.

Although our payment system is hosted by PayPal you do not need to be a member of PayPal to make purchases online. Simply click the button that says you are not a PayPal member and enter your card details in the same way as you would for any other site. You may be offered the opportunity to join PayPal but can simply refuse.

The system that delivers your license key by e-mail sometimes requires some manual intervention so please allow a few hours for delivery. In normal circumstances we would expect to deliver your license key within 24 hours but in exceptional circumstances there may be a longer delay. Feel fee to e-mail us if you haven't received anything within 24 hours.

Free trials and demos

All the models may be downloaded on a "Try before you buy" basis to help you with your buying decision. The "Try before you buy" downloads are the actual model with some features disabled or limited via scripting. When you purchase a license all you need do is install the license key .CDP file, sent to you by e-mail, to activate the full range of the models features.

Available packs

Class 92 in original livery

All members of the class 92 were originally delivered in two-tone grey livery with dark blue roof. This pack portrays all 46 class members as they were delivered with their original names. This pack provides 3 levels of weathering/dirt, 45 nameplates and 3 different brandings.

Full pack price £10        Upgrade pack price £1.50.

Class 92 in EWS liveries

A number of the class 92 locos passed into EWS ownership where they have been used on general purpose freight duties. Two of the locos were repainted into the EWS corporate colour scheme of red and gold which involved repositioning the distinctive "tunnel rings" and moving the nameplates. The rest of the EWS 92 fleet was given the cheap makeover treatment being left in the two-tone grey colour scheme and having yellow and red EWS three beasties vinyl stickers applied to the body sides. This pack portrays all the EWS owned class members in the appropriate livery and with the later name changes applied to some locos. Three levels of weathering/dirt are provided for each.

Full pack price £10        Upgrade pack price £1.50.


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