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ElDavo's Railway Emporium have made available a number of items of content via the Auran Trainz download station. For the most up to date list you are advised to use the download station search function and search under the userid "eldavo" or, if you are a TRS2006 user, search in CMP for content with an author of "eldavo"

Some of the more frequently downloaded items are illustrated here along with their download helper links.


Please note: All ElDavo's rollingstock items require TRS2004 with service pack 4 (SP4) at build 2365 (International) or 2370 (UK). If you attempt to run these items with an earlier version of Trainz they will probably not show up and will definitely not work correctly.

All rollingstock items support multiple selectable textures giving variations in livery and weathering provided by the Chameleon library and also support the "bluestar" coupling standard providing animated couplers and brake hoses through use of the CoupleStar library. The majority of items also support alpha-numbering and random running numbers provided by the NumberIt script library.

Modern image wagons
Steam era wagons
TRS2004 compatible script libraries

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