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EWS Class 67

EWS Class 67
ElDavo's first venture into the world of locomotive construction, the Class 67 as operated by EWS in the UK.

The model supports a number of special features:

Dynamic/Selectable liveries

The loco supports switchable liveries and individual locos can be set to carry one of 5 livery combinations. The livery is changed by clicking on the livery entry in the loco properties dialogue for each individual loco in Surveyor. The liveries cycle through the set so keep clicking till you find the one you want. The original EWS red and gold livery is available in ex-works, weathered, or dirty condition. In addition the Royal Train "claret" livery and EWS Executive train white liveries are available. If no specific livery is chosen one will be allocated automatically by the scripts based on the loco running number and some randomisation factors. The bogie textures automatically adapt to match the loco livery and condition.

Loco running numbers

The running numbers of each loco may be set via the properties dialogue in Surveyor. If no number is explicitly set a random number between 67001 and 67030 will be chosen. The script will avoid issuing duplicate numbers until all 30 are in existence in the current session. The size, position, and colour of the numbers is adjusted automatically to match the chosen livery of the loco.

Loco nameplates

Certain of the class 67 locos have been named and the model will automatically attach the appropriate nameplates for the running number of the loco. The nameplates are attached whether the running number is allocated randomly or selected explicitly. The position of the nameplates is automatically adjusted to match the livery of the loco.


The class 67 is equipped with both a normal drawhook coupling and an autocoupler. The type of coupling deployed at each end of the loco can be controlled via the properties dialogue in Surveyor. By default the autocoupler is stowed away. In addition the loco will automagically deploy the autocoupler if it detects a "friend" such as another class 67.

Air pipe, Reservoir pipe, and multi-working cable

If 2 class 67s couple the locos will deploy and attach their air and reservoir hoses and also a multi-working cable.

Loco lighting

The class 67 model has a custom lighting script that controls the lighting based on the direction of travel and how the loco is coupled. Red tail lights and white marker lights are switched on whenever the loco is moving and at the end of a train. In addition headlight coronas are controlled based on the headlight switch setting to ensure the correct left or right headlight is illuminated for the time of day to ensure the loco operates according to group operating procedures. During daylight hours the left headlight (viewing from the front) will be illuminated whereas during hours of darkness the right headlight will be lit. There is currently an unwelcome delay between the headlight switch being toggled (key L) and the light illuminating. Trainz built-in headlights are not used currently due to problems in controlling them via script.


The class 67 model has its own set of driver figures that are allocated to the locos at random. The drivers will move from cab to cab based on the currently selected cab, something the Auran drivers do not currently do! If multiple 67s are coupled only 1 driver will take control the others wandering off for a cup of tea somewhere.


The model has animated wipers that are turned on automatically at the end where the driver is seated as required by the weather.

Default behaviour

If running numbers and liveries are not explicitly selected the running numbers will be selected from the range 67001 to 67030. The Executive white livery will only be applied to loco number 67029 and the Royal Train claret will only be applied to 67005. All other locos will be given one of the 3 flavours of red and gold livery at random.

Nameplates will be applied to the following locos:

67001\tab\tab "Night Mail"
67002\tab\tab "Special Delivery"
67004\tab\tab "Post Haste"
67005\tab\tab "Queen's Messenger"
67010\tab\tab "Unicorn"
67017\tab\tab "Arrow"
67018\tab\tab "Rapid"
67025\tab\tab "Western Star"

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