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Class 92 - Features


The following sections detail some of the features of the class 92 model to give you a feel for what you get for your money. To "Try before you buy" and experience the model first hand you can go to the main class 92 page and click on the download link for one of the models. You will be able to download and run the actual model, with some of the features disabled, on your own machine. If you then decide to purchase you will only need to install the supplied license to immediately activate the full range of the models features.


The Class 92 model has been built using a range of information sources and drawings to create a model that provides the "feel" of the prototype.

The major parts of class 92 model, main body mesh and bogies, support three levels of detail (LOD) to allow the modelling of details without impacting performance adversely. Other parts of the model attached at runtime, couplers, hoses, and cables, provide two levels of detail. As a guide to the impact on your system performance, the model with all attachments and bogies at maximum level of detail is in the region of 17,200 polygons and when viewed at a distance this reduces to approximately 5,000. The main texture file is 1024 x 512 and there are a couple of smaller textures as well. The model should be usable on pretty much any system capable of running TRS 2004.

This is a list of the majority of the features of the 92:

  • Detailed meshes with full LOD support
  • Automatic random or user selectable running numbers controlled by NumberIt
  • Nameplates and logos appropriate for each loco
  • Multiple levels of weathering controlled by Chameleon
  • Animated bluestar couplings controlled by CoupleStar
  • Support for multiple power sources and catenary heights and transitions with the Pandora rule
  • Custom mult-height pantograph
  • Animated 3rd rail shoes
  • Custom throttle mechanism providing different performance between 3rd rail and overhead power when in cab mode
  • Arc effects from the pantographs and 3rd rail shoes
  • Multiple loco lighting options including automatic, off and hazard flashers
  • Full custom cab with prototypical control options and dozens of switches to play with
  • Speed limiter (cruise control) capability in cab mode
  • Custom traction motor blower sounds
  • Animated wipers and sun visors
  • AWS system sound effects in cab mode
  • Loco shutdown option

Chameleon livery support

The class 92 models are delivered in the liveries they carried in real life and with a range of weathering and dirt effects. The textures of the model are controlled using the Chameleon script library to allow random selection or selection by the user. In real life the class 92 locos are generally kept fairly clean so the weathering variations are subtle.

CoupleStar "bluestar" coupling support

   The class 92 uses the CoupleStar library to provide full support for PikkaBird's "bluestar" coupling standard. Couplings and brake hoses adjust position to couple with other vehicles as required. In addition the class 92 model deploys multiple working hoses when coupling with other class 92 locos.


All of the class 92 locos have carried nameplates at some point in their lives. The model locos carry the appropriate name and nameplate style for the livery variant. The nameplates are automatically added to the model when a particular running number is selected either randomly or by the user. Additionally the correct operating company logos are automatically added to complete the scheme based on the loco running number and livery.

Custom pantograph system (Pandora)

The class 92 loco is designed to work from overhead line or 3rd rail power sources and at different voltages to allow it to operate across a large part of the UK and European rail networks. When operating in the UK the loco can operate from the 3rd rail DC system or from UK height catenary at 25Kv. When operating in the channel tunnel area or on the continent the loco operates from European height catenary. The model replicates this capability through a system called Pandora.

The class 92 will try to anticipate how the pantograph or 3rd rail shoes should be used depending on a number of factors. Included with the package are a set of track trigger objects that can be added to a route to mark sections of track to indicate what power source is appropriate. If the loco can't find any track triggers it will look for the Pandora rule. If you add this to a route you can set the default power source to be used by all class 92s on the route. If the Pandora rule has not been added to the route the loco will use its own default setting which can be adjusted via the property panels in Surveyor or Driver.

The track triggers can be used on routes to have the class 92 perform some party tricks with its pantographs. By carefully marking the start and end of sections of catenary and 3rd rail with the triggers the loco will change the pantograph heights on the move. If you have a section of catenary that changes from UK to European height or vice versa the loco will attempt to anticipate the change and smoothly transition between them. Also if you wish to change over from catenary to 3rd rail or vice versa appropriately placed markers in a section with both catenary and 3rd rail will allow the loco to automatically switch over.

Animations and other toys

The windscreen wipers of the class 92 are animated and will turn themselves on and off automatically depending on the weather. For light rain and drizzle the wipers will operate in interval wipe mode but if the weather gets worse they will wipe continously. The wipers for the driver and 2nd man are independantly switched in the prototype so you may find that on occasions the 2nd man's wiper is not turned on. If you are driving in cab mode from within the cab then turning the wipers on is your responsibility and you may find it difficult to see properly if you don't turn the wipers on.

If you are driving from outside the cab and happen to get some fine weather you may find that the driver will pull down the sunvisor!

The class 92 draws a lot of electrical power and so when the throttle is open you may see the occasional arc from the pantographs or 3rd rail shoes. Of course if the weather is damp there is bound to be more arcing.

If you get fed up with the unholy din created by the class 92 traction motor blowers of locos stabled in your yard you can configure them to be powered down by using the property panels in Surveyor or Driver or from within the cab.

Custom cab

   The custom cab provided with the class 92 has a wide range of working controls and provides prototypical operation of many capabilities such as the braking system, the ability to switch between UK and European gauge readings and multiple working facilities. Direct brake, auto train brake (PBL), parking brake and emergency brake controls are all operational.

The master switch, drivers key, power lever and AWS reset buttton are mounted on the central control stand and again provide prototypical operation. Also mounted on the central pedestal is the AWS reset button.

The main dashboard contains a whole array of control and includes some Class 92 specials such as the Euro/UK mode switch, ribbon speedo, speed limiter and power source switch. They all work prototypically.

Independant controls for the windscreen wipers for both the driver and 2nd man are provided and include the ability to set variable rate interval wipe. The 2nd man also has duplicate controls for horn and emergency brake.

The rendering of the cab is affected by the exterior lighting conditions and the dials are correctly illuminated for operation during darkness. Warning lights are provided for a number of conditions on the central panel. If it's too dark of course you can always turn on the cab interior lights which are controlled, along with a number of other things such as the locos exterior lights, from the panel above and to the left of the driver's head.

The horn lever works in a similar manner to the prototype, pushing forward for high tone back for low, but there are limitations due to the audio capabilities of TRS.


If you find the air conditioning of the cab not to your liking you can open the side windows and if the sun gets in your eyes you can pull down the sun visor. If you are unfortunate enough to have a mechanical failure or other incident that disables your train you can turn on the hazard flashers!

The class 92 is a large powerful machine so if you find it difficult to keep to speed limits or have problems with low speed operation you can use the speed limiter, it's fully operational.

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