Not so much a layout, more of an experiment. 



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The Cramdin Yard picture gallery  


This page has a selection of images showing Cramdin Yard in action. These shots were taken in spring 2009 after the layout had been prepared for a photoshoot for Model Rail.

   33109 "Captain Bill Smith" waits to depart from the yard departure road with a mixed rake of four wheel open box wagons. All trains arrive and depart from this road.  The loco is, like most rolling stock, a ready to run model, in this case from Heljan with a bit of light weathering.  The wagons are somewhat more decrepit!
A Bachmann class 37 stands at the fueling point. The layout includes a small two road fuel point to allow a bit of variety in operation. As well as rakes of wagons coming and going from the yard occasional locos amble in for fuel and then trot off to places unseen.   
   A Freightliner class 66 heads South on the mainline with a rake of coal hoppers while the class 37 still waits for someone to refuel it.  This view show the main point complex of the yard with the track leading into the yard from the mainline and workshop spurs and fueling point leading off.
Another view of the fueiling point taken from the rear of the baseboard. The trackwork is SMP code 75 bullhead rail flexitrack which is married to  pointwork built using copperclad sleepers. The ballast is fine mixed grey fixed in the traditional manner by flooding it with diluted PVA glue.  Careful weathering provides some variety though yard areas have a proportion of Chinchilla grit mixed in.   
   A view across the roof of the yard offices looking towards the front of the repair buildings. A motley collection of wagons are being shuffled around by an EWS 08. The buildings are all scratch built using either plasticard or Linka plaster mouldings.
A view of the EWS shunter, 08630, going about its duties.  The baseboards are fairly narrow and therefore there is relatively little space available for backscene buildings. In places the buildings are only two dimensional being photographic images cobbled together and pasted to the backscene boards.   
   The layout has been under construction for around 18 months and some areas of the model have started to acquire some interesting detailing. Of course no layout is ever complete so there is plenty more that can be done.


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