Not so much a layout, more of an experiment. 



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   Cramdin Yard although originally conceived as a home project has developed into a fully transportable and exhibitable layout.

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D. S. Renshaw
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Exhibition requirements

From the start of 2010 Cramdin Yard will be available in it's complete form with 2 fiddle yards and a scenic frontage of 4 metres. The layout is normally operated from the rear but for smaller venues it is possible to configure the layout to be just 3 metres long with operation from the front.

The layout has its own built in lighting rig and requires a single 13 amp power socket.

For show purposes a crew of 2 or 3 is required and travel expenses should cover transport of the layout and operators (2 cars). For shows of more than one day and venues more than 50 miles from Winchester accommodation may be required.

For insurance purposes the layout should be valued at ?3500.

The following image shows the layout in its full length form with lighting rig and fascia as set up for it's maiden show at Basingstoke in 2010.



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