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Class 08 - Features


The following sections detail some of the features of the class 08 and 09 models to give you a feel for what you get for your money. To "Try before you buy" and experience the model first hand you can go to the main class 08 page and click on the download link for one of the models. You will be able to download and run the actual model, with some of the features disabled, on your own machine. If you then decide to purchase you will only need to install the supplied license to immediately activate the full range of the models features.


The Class 08 model has been built using a range of information sources and drawings to create a reasonably accurate model that provides the "feel" of the prototype. There are compromises as with all models but hopefully you won't spot them and the models are should be usable by the majority of people and computer systems.

The major parts of the models, main body mesh and bogies, support three levels of detail (LOD) to allow the modelling of details without impacting performance adversely. Other parts of the model attached at runtime, couplers, hoses, and cables, provide two levels of detail. The model should be usable on pretty much any system capable of running TRS 2004.

The first class 08 locos were built inthe early 1950's and derive many features from even earlier designs. During their incredibly long working life they have undergone all manner of modifications that have led to a huge range of minor differences between examples. Along with this they have carried a vast range of liveries. It would not be practical to create a range of models that cover all the individual details of the prototypes and so the packs offered include the major feature differences and can be configured to cover most situations but do not claim to represent every loco exactly.

Each of the packs is not just a simple re-skin of one model but includes main mesh changes and different attachments as well. The loco running numbers can be selected in Surveyor or will be randomly selected by the NumberIt script library. On later livery variants nameplates are automatically selected based on the running number.


Chameleon livery support

Each class 08 or 09 model is delivered in one of the liveries that the class carried in real life but with a range of weathering and dirt effects. The textures of the model are controlled using the Chameleon script library to allow random selection or selection by the user. In addition to the main body mesh textures, the running gear textures automatically switch to match the main textures.

CoupleStar "bluestar" coupling support

   The class 08 and 09 models use the CoupleStar library to provide full support for PikkaBird's "bluestar" coupling standard. Couplings and brake hoses adjust position to couple with other vehicles as required.


Some of the class 08 locos have been named and the packs provide nameplates as appropriate. The nameplates used varied in shape, size and style and the appropriate style is used for each loco. The nameplates are automatically added to the model when a particular running number is selected either randomly or by the user.

Custom sounds

The class 08 and 09 models are supplied with custom engine and hornsound assets. These sounds are based on actual recordings of locos in the wild and have been chosen to try and convey the particular style of these locos. The sounds include extra clips to cover the starting and stopping of the main engine, wipers, traction motor whir, and vibration as well as the normal sound effects you would expect from a Trainz model.

Start up, shutdown, fuel consumption, and other tricks

The models can optionally be configured to consume diesel fuel. The loco is configured with a product queue which accepts the Auran standard diesel fuel product plus some 3rd party equivalents. You can load up with fuel in Surveyor or rely on taking the loco to a fuel point in Driver. By default fuel consumption is turned off so that the model behaves exactly like a normal Auran supplied vehicle.

The individual locos can be configured in Surveyor to be running or shutdown at the start of a Driver session, the default is running just like the standard game locos. When in Driver you can start and stop the locos main diesel engine from inside the cab or from the head up display (HUD). If you are outside the loco when you bring up the "view details" panel (Ctrl + right click) an extra control panel will appear with start and stop buttons. If you have fuel consumption enabled a fuel gauge will also de displayed though this, like any good British fuel gauge, is wildly inaccurate so don't rely on it!

When the loco is started and stopped it will execute custom sound and smoke effects...


As well as controlling the main engine and fuel consumption you can open and close the cab doors and windows from the HUD, when in cab mode, or in Surveyor. Additionally the HUD has lighting controls to allow you to configure the marker lights for shunting (the default), mainline running, or off. If the loco is configured for mainline running the lights will automatically change from white, to red, or off depending on where the loco is in the train and in which direction it is travelling. On later variants with the reduced number of marker lights a battery headlamp will be automatically added if you turn the headlight on with the normal Trainz controls.

Custom cab

   The custom cab provided with the class 08 and 09 models has a wide range of working controls and provides prototypical operation. Direct brake, train brake, emergency brake, throttle, reverser, master switch, sander lever, and horn buttons are all operational. In addition the major controls are duplicated on both sides of the loco and work in tandem as per the prototype.

Speedometer, ammeter, brake pipe, brake cylinder, engine temeperature, oil pressure, battery charge, and service fuel tank gauges are all operational. The speedometer/ammeter binnacle can be swiveled for optimum viewing as well. The side windows and doors can also be opened and there are an array of standard viewpoints to choose from including views from the front and rear shunters steps.

Independant controls for the all 4 windscreen wipers are provided. The rendering of the cab is affected by the exterior lighting conditions and the dials are correctly illuminated for operation during darkness. One rather quirky touch is that instead of the dual reading vacuum gauge that should be mounted high on the bulkhead there is a clock!

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