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Bonus content - Download instructions

As a thankyou to all customers ElDavo's Railway Emporium are happy to provide some exclusive items free of charge. If you have purchased any of ElDavo's payware items you can claim your free license by visiting the license retrieval page and selecting the bonus license option. A license key will be e-mailed to you in the same way your purchased licenses were delivered.

The current bonus items are a pair of Class 08 shunters in custom liveries. Toton No1 wears a distinctive reverse EWS paint scheme with its name emblazoned on the side while 08830, the Crewe carriage works pilot, carries LNWR black livery. The locos have all the features and functions of their 08 and 09 brothers and sisters.


The bonus content uses the same licensing system as the payware items so your system should already be set up with all you need.

The models

The models are packaged as CDPs containing all their dependancies and so are unfortunately approximately 5.0 Mbytes each.

Class 08 (08830) in LNWR black livery v3

Class 08 in Toton No.1 livery v3

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