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Welcome to ElDavo's Railway Emporium website the home of top quality 3rd party content for the Auran Trainz simulator.  Feel free to browse around the shop and pick up a few freebies or invest in some of our exclusive "payware" items.  If you don't find the item that you are looking for to complete your latest route feel free to send an e-mail and we'll see what we can do.


CEO and CTO ElDavo's Railway Emporium

Take a look at ElDavo's model railway layout, Cramdin Yard

Latest news (6th January 2018): Due to yet more problems with file hosting the website has been moved again. Currently I have no machine capable of running TANE so I cannot guarantee that payware models will operate correctly on the latest releases of Trainz.

Latest news (4th August 2008): All ElDavo's payware locos have now been tested and are compatible with Trainz Classics versions 1, 2 and 3. We are not aware of any problems with any of the locos so if you find a problem please drop us an email.

When installing you should use the TRS2006 version of Locksmith (the .CDP package). Also if you purchased your locos before TC 1 was released you may have license keys in the form of .exe files. These will not install into Trainz Classics so please go to the license retrieval page here and request all your licenses. New versions of the licenses, in CDP format, will be automatically delivered and these will install into TRS2004, 2006 or TC.

Latest news (28th March 2008): The latest release from ElDavo's Railway Emporium is the Class 92 in two varieties of EWS livery. Visit the Class 92 main page for more information.

Latest news (15th November 2007): After a rather long development period ElDavo's are finally proud to announce the release of the Brush Class 92 electric loco in the original two-tone grey livery with BR, EPS and SNCF branding. Visit the Class 92 main page for more information.

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